Glossary of business terminology

The process of creating and maintaining a certain image or identity for a product, service, or company. This can include elements like a logo, tagline, and visual style.
One aspect of marketing that involves the creation and distribution of paid-for messages in various media channels (such as television, radio, online, etc.) to promote a product or service.
Another aspect of marketing that involves building and maintaining relationships between a company and its publics, including customers, investors, employees, and the wider community.
The practice of optimizing a website or web page to improve its visibility and ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs).
Using social media platforms to promote a product, service, or company and engage with customers.
A form of marketing where the focus is on using key leaders in a specific industry, to drive brand message and increase brand awareness.
The creation and distribution of valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and engage a specific target audience, with the goal of driving profitable customer action.
A form of online advertising where the advertiser pays each time a user clicks on one of their ads.
A form of advertising that allows organizations to communicate directly with the consumer. It focus on the use of personal selling, direct mail, telemarketing, and email marketing.
The practice of managing interactions with current and potential customers to increase customer loyalty, retention, and sales.
The measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of data to understand how well a marketing campaign is doing or how a website or mobile app is performing.
A method of comparing two versions of a website or digital marketing campaign to determine which one performs better.
The process of improving the performance of a website or digital marketing campaign by increasing the percentage of visitors who complete a desired action (such as making a purchase or filling out a contact form).
The use of email to promote a product, service, or company, and to maintain relationships with customers.
A web page that is specifically designed to convert website visitors into leads or customers.
A form of online advertising that allows businesses to show ads to users who have previously visited their website or interacted with their brand.
The overall experience of a user when interacting with a website, mobile app, or other digital product.
The part of a digital product that the user interacts with, including elements such as buttons, forms, and navigation.
A form of online advertising that matches the form and function of the platform on which it appears, such as an article or social media post.
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